We are a world leader in manufacturing of precision machined products using metal alloys and plastics for industrial and commercial applications.

Our primary objective is pursuing customer satisfaction by:

  • Continually improving process efficiency and effectiveness of the Quality Management System (QMS).

  • Reducing cost of manufacturing and improving productivity.

  • Providing a framework for establishing and reviewing Quality Objectives.


Alard Machine Products employs highly qualified machinists for your production. We also have a department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineers and Tool Designers to assist you with cost-effective component design. Our experience includes projects for microwave, automotive, aerospace, high-vacuum, semiconductor, fluid control, laser-scanning and many other specialized OEM parts.

Utilizing CNC and Mastercam for turning and milling, AMP regularly produces parts to tolerances of +/-.0001, thus creating a 'Dock-to-Stock' quality. AMP is able to work with a variety of bar stocks including steel, aluminum, titanium alloys, inconels, plastics and more.

To ensure our continued reputation for quality, AMP will not let your product out the door without passing through our comprehensive Quality Assurance Department. Through Statistical Process Control (SPC), we are able to achieve a Cpk 1.67 or greater; meaning that less than 1 part per million would ever be out of tolerance. If a defect were to escape our Quality Control Process, replacement would occur in less than 72 hours.

You can see why Alard Machine Products has achieved a recorded 98.7% customer satisfaction rating. In fact, most customers are able to trust the final product directly from our dock into their stock, thereby eliminating their need for expensive quality inspection processes. We hope to achieve that level of trust with your product.

Please take a moment to view more information about our company, staff, and capabilities through the web site. Then contact us with your questions and order requirements.

We hope to meet all of your precision machining needs
and share a prosperous business relationship.